How It Works- Jewelry

Choose your setting. Once your order is complete you have two options to ship your inclusions:

Option 1: I send you a kit with the materials, instructions, padded envelope and return label. All you have to do is follow the instructions and drop off at your local post office or shipping carrier. The cost of the kit is $20.

Option 2: You provide the materials and pay for shipping your inclusions to me. Please note there are laws around shipping cremated remains and it must be done through USPS. 

If you choose Option 2 please follow the below instructions.

  • Breastmilk: Please place about 30ml (1oz) of breastmilk in a sealed milk bag or small container and place it inside of a leak proof zip lock bag.

  • Ashes: Please place about 1/2 teaspoon into a sealed leak proof bag and double bag. 

  • Lock of Hair: Place 15-20 strands about 1 inch long in a small zip lock bag and double bag. 

Include the following on the zip lock bag:

-First and Last Name

-Order Number

-Phone Number

-Email Address

Take to your local post office or shipping carrier and specify it is Breastmilk/ Cremated Remains for jewelry purposes if asked.

Ship to:

 Chelsi Miller

PO Box 3662

Camdenton, MO 65020

Please make sure you get a tracking number. In the extremely rare case that the package is lost I cannot provide a refund if no tracking number is provided.

Once I receive your inclusions I will use a process to preserve your breastmilk into a powder. I will then use resin to cast your inclusions into the setting! Any unused cremated ashes will be mailed back to you with the final product. Any unused breastmilk powder I will keep on hand for 1 year in case you want more products created. Turn around time varies depending on your piece and how busy I am with orders, please check the main website page for approximate times.

If you are local I can meet you to get breastmilk/ashes instead of shipping it in the mail. Just send me an email after you place your order so we can arrange to meet!

Since each piece is made uniquely by hand no two pieces will look exactly the same. The color will have many variations. I cannot offer a refund after the piece has been made, however if you are unhappy with the outcome please reach out and we will make it right!